Saint Bernard Pet Care Oatmeal Aloe Vera Shampoo

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Saint Bernard Pet Care Oatmeal Aloe Vera Shampoo was especially formulated as an aid in soothing and cleansing itchy, dry and sensitive skin in dogs and cats.

Saint Bernard Pet Care Oatmeal Aloe Vera Shampoo is ideal to use in dogs and cats with atopic or contact allergies, as well as in pets with dry, itchy and sensitive skin. It works well to reduce the clinical signs and can be used as an adjunctive treatment with veterinary prescribed medications.

►contains oatmeal (superfine colloidal particles) and aloe vera for soothing treatment of inflamed and irritated skin – Oatmeal is known to have anti-itch properties.

►Gentle foaming cleansers to remove irritant particles such as pollens and other allergens, leaving your pet’s skin and fur beautiful and clean.

►Does not contain any irritating soaps – allowing your pet to retain their natural coat oils

►pH balanced specifically to the needs of a dog’s skin

►Can be used on any age puppy, kitten, dog or cat.

►Lightly fragranced with the scent of green apple, delightful to both yours and your pet’s senses.

Ideal for caring pet owners whose pets suffer from allergies or dry and itchy skin.

Ingredients: Purified water, Aloe Vera gel, Oatmeal extract, surfactants. thickener, glycerin (vegetable), preservatives, hucopearl, salt, green apple fragrance.

NOTE: some allergies or skin conditions will be severe enough to require medication from a veterinarian. Saint Bernard Pet Care strongly encourage veterinary advice if you feel additional treatment is required in addition to Saint Bernard Pet Care Oatmeal Aloe Vera Shampoo.