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Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash is a gentle, high foaming, broad-spectrum antiseptic and antifungal skin treatment formula designed to aid in the treatment of skin conditions in dogs, cats, and horses.

Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash is ideal to use in pets with seborrhoeic dermatitis (skin infection with bacteria and fungus), non-specific dermatoses, and fungal infections including ringworm.

It is normal for dogs to have a low level of bacteria and yeast on the skin, however, when there’s a disruption to the skin’s natural environment, it can lead to overgrowth of these microbes, causing infection and disease.

What conditions does Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash treat?

Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash has been shown to be effective in treating dermal bacterial infections, skin rashes, eruptions, dandruff, itching, cuts, wounds, and fungal infections including Ringworm.

How does Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash work?

Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash is a high foaming wash containing Hexetidine, which kills these micro-organisms, keeping them at manageable levels, removes excess scale and oils, and removes allergens such as pollens, which can be caught on the skin or fur, causing irritation. Routine use of Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash will not only help with infections but will leave your pet with a soft, luxurious coat.

In the case of Ringworm, Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash helps to sterilise the coat of ringworm spores, helping to speed recovery and prevent the spread of disease.

Why should I treat my pet for skin infections?

Skin infections (both bacterial and fungal) can be extremely uncomfortable. They are frustrating for both pets and owners alike, and will often keep both awake long into the night with incessant chewing and licking, which only makes matters worse for the poor animal.

Additionally, some skin conditions, notably Ringworm, can be a zoonotic disease. This means we can contract the condition from contact with our pets. Children or people with poor immune systems (including the elderly) are most prone to this. The sooner it is brought under control the better it is for all involved.

It is advisable to seek an opinion from a veterinarian before commencing management, because they may want to use a systemic drug, such as an antifungal or an antibiotic, in combination with the wash.


►contains Hexetidine 5g/L, which is well known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties.

►Does not contain any irritating soaps – allowing your pet to retain their natural coat oils

►Can be used on any age puppy, dog, foal, kitten, cat, or horse.

Directions for use:

For bacterial infections, twice-weekly washes are recommended during an active infection but reduced to weekly or fortnightly thereafter.

In the case of Ringworm, it is recommended to continue for twice-weekly bathing until 8-12 weeks after signs of infection are cleared.

Please remember to get the best effect from Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash, the shampoo should be left on for a full 10 minutes before rinsing. This contact time allows it to be most effective.

NOTE: some wounds or skin conditions will be severe enough to require a medication from a veterinarian. Saint Bernard Pet Care strongly encourages veterinary advice if you feel an additional treatment is required in addition to Saint Bernard Pet Care Medicated Wash.


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