A crucial and often overlooked part of having a dog is taking care of it. Your canine companion provides you with constant laughs and enjoyment, so you need to make sure your dog is groomed properly as well. Use the grooming tips listed below to keep your pet healthy and happy!

Regularly brush your dog’s coat to prevent matting

You need to brush your dog’s coat just like you brush your own hair. If you’ve ever gone a while without doing so, you’ll notice how irritating it is to your skin. Similarly, a lack of proper brushing leads to matting and skin irritation for dogs, so you need to use a high quality brush and get to work!

Safely trim your dog’s nails

Your dog may be the friendliest pup in the world, but it still has some sharp claws that can do some serious damage. Most often, you’ll get scratched by mistake, but if you do, it’s a good indication that you need to trim your dog’s nails immediately. Be sure to use a specialized nail clipper to make the process go smoothly.

Check your dog’s skin as you groom

Since your dog’s skin is usually covered with thick coats, it can be difficult to spot skins of skin problems or other issues. That’s why you need to pay close attention to any sudden changes in your dog’s behavior and also check its skin. If any problems are identified, use a medicated wash.

Regularly check your dog’s ears

You also need to be wary of your dog’s ears as they can often cause problems that go unnoticed. Check for signs of inflammation or discomfort to gauge whether your dog’s ears are infected.

Don’t bathe your dog too often

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need to bathe every day. In fact, you only need to wash your dog with a good quality shampoo once every couple of months and you’re all set!